James Schaller, C.M.P.


One of the best kept secrets in medicine is that our body knows how to heal. Music can create the ‘change of state’ where healing takes root and blossoms.

My composer’s journey took a profound unexpected turn when I brought my guitar to the bedside of a friend who was dying. As I played his face transformed from fear and tension to a radiant smile, his labored breathing became deep and untroubled, other patients found peace, and the staff marveled the profound benefits to all.

That time spent bedside with Karl was the catalyst for a dramatic career change to become a certified, clinical musician who specialized in hospice. Positive attitude, deep rest, pain relief, lower blood pressure, and many other benefits can be supported by music. Music delivered with intention and therapeutic design can create repeatable, predictable experiences.  My compositions are informed by my intimate experience with the power of music.

The James Schaller Ensemble explores new landscapes for guitar, cello and winds.  Journeys to Healing can help you or anyone in your family re-calibrate their attitude towards positive change for improved health and inner peace. Ambient – Deep Listen creates soundscapes for work or reflection. This music is rooted in my studies and experience with music to transform life, consciousness and the texture of our reality.