James Schaller, C.M.P.

Composer, Clinical Musician and Founder

Composer James Schaller is a Certified Music Practitioner trained to play therapeutic music in medical situations.  Together with his wife, Maria Elizabeth Del Rey, they are Grammy-nominated producers of bilingual family media.  James founded a not-for-profit organization that has mentored thousands of volunteers, clinicians and caregivers in hospices, hospitals, churches, nursing homes and community service organizations to use therapeutic music to relieve pain and suffering. 

Our passion to understand and use the power of music coupled with our desire to help others led us to study and master the healing effects of music. We explored and went where the need is great – to hospices to create live music programs. James plays in hospice situations and has witnessed the amazing results of therapeutic music such as patients and their families finding peace, reduced pain, and increased comfort. 

Part of our mission is to refute the misinformation, smoke and mirrors, pseudo-science and confusion around ‘healing music’. VanYoung Music is a place where you can come for self-care or to share with those in your care. Rest assured that all you hear has been composed, performed and recorded for your well-being and wholeness.

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Maria Elizabeth Del Rey

Co-Founder, Recording Artist, Filmmaker

Award-winning recording artist and filmmaker Maria Elizabeth Del Rey creates fresh work for families that articulate the architecture of compassionate, social justice principles through intuitive songs, publishing and family films. Since 1989 she has released over 60 international award-winning media titles in multiple languages, into the family media market. 

As a family media producer Maria is responsible for over one million internationally distributed units of music, videos, and children’s educational books in collaboration with companies such as Warner, Disney, Hampton Brown-NTL GEO, Random House, and Family Circus.

Among many honors and awards, Maria is a Latin Grammy Award Nominated producer and four-time Parents’ Choice Award Winner of Gold, Silver and Honorable Mention awards. She was also invited to represent the children of the Americas at the United Nations Global Peace Initiative for Women in Geneva, Switzerland. Maria was honored as one of 50 state-role-model women of accomplishment to inspire at-risk girls by The Pennsylvania Commission for Women.